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AGM Overview

December 1, 2016

Hi fellow members,


Our AGM was held this past Sunday at 1:30 pm in the Clubhouse and was well attended (60+ in person and 40+ by proxy). 


Salient issues:


  • Terry Hamilton, Board Treasurer, gave a detailed talk on the year end financials and 2017 draft budget.

  • Membership fees / GF rates / cart rates were reviewed as per AGM package revised documents on the web site

  • GF Packages were reviewed

  • the need for a levy was reviewed and voted on...the levy will be a part of an adult member's (all except adult student) expense at the LGC this year. Any member through an honorarium will be required to pay the levy also.

  • the leasing of sixty (60) 2013 carts at net $2300/cart was reviewed. Payments begin next year (5 year lease at ~ $4,380 per month (operating months...May to October)

  • the purchase of equipment in 2016 was reviewed. Payments on the term loan for this eqipment will begin in December (8 year term loan...payments at ~ $1,023/month)

  • reviewed changing the Club's operating name (taking the "country" out) to Lively Golf Club


Generally, the conversation surrounded member rates vs GF rates in total and the thinking around how the numbers were established.


The Board made the point that it operates the Club for the overall membership in the best interests of the Club...that is in the best interests of the continuation/survival/betterment of the Club. Sometimes, the best interests of the Club do not necessarily reflect what an individual member feels is in his/her best interest...and that is unfortunate...but it can and will happen. The LGC is a members' club...but membership is trending downward and in order to keep the financial picture stable, we need to adopt different measures to increase the revenue for the Club. Some of these measures need to focus on bringing golfers to the Club who are younger than the majority of our members. 


Please see the LGC Membership by age chart.


One thing we forgot to address at the meeting was the new Loan Discount line on the membership fees sheet. The Board passed a motion at a recent meeting to allow members to loan money to the Club (separate from the Perpetual Loan). The loan would decrease what you pay on your membership by an additional 3% (based on the size of the loan on record at the Club when you pay your membership)...this is over and above any discounts already in place for perpetual loans members might have on file. If you are interested in pursuing this, please talk to Mark Taylor at the Club.


Elections were held:


  • Vice-President: Tom King is the new VP - congratulations to Tom. Special thanks to Alan Holm for his many years of service on the Board.

  • Mens Chairperson: Max Kallio was acclaimed - congratulations to Max.

  • Junior Chairperson: David Allan is the new Junior Chairperson - congratulations to Dave.

Chuck Connelly had decided not to continue on the Board and had thus vacated the Course Chairperson spot. Brian Ceaser moved into that spot for 2017. Special thanks to Chuck for his many years of service on the Board.


The draft AGM minutes will be sent out once prepared and reviewed by the Board...


Please note that we will happily accept your payments for 2017 memberships...paid prior to December 31/16 will get you 2 GF passes for next year...also, the purchase of any packages from the Lively Golf Club make wonderful Christmas/Birthday gifts!!!



Bill Dopson

2016 Annual General Meeting


November 26, 2016

Fellow members,


Please review these files which show revisions from what you got as a part of the AGM package:

  • cart discount set at $600 on the membership fee sheet, and $525 for spousal cart discount as well (highlighted in green)

  • green fee cart rates changed on the GF/cart rate sheets

  • clean up of the discrepancies between the sheets (2017 Green Fee Rates sheet and the 2017 Drive Cart Pricing sheet) you got in the AGM package.

See you tomorrow at the AGM...


Bill Dopson

Hello fellow members.


Our AGM is scheduled for November 27/16 at 1:30 pm (please arrive early so we can get everyone properly registered). This is a members' meeting and only LGCC adult members in good standing (adult members in the 2016 golf season) are invited to attend.


In the AGM package, you will find included:  


Please note that there are several adult membership choices for 2017, the same as there were for 2016. All membership fees have been based around the gold single adult membership. We have increased it 4.9% this year to $1275. Please note that this is only $ 60 more than what the full membership fee was in 2012 and is the first membership fee increase since then.


You will note, on the membership fees document, that your Board has recommended a levy (special assessment) of $150 per adult member (except adult students). We have purchased some newer course equipment as well as 60 newer golf carts this year. We feel that the levy is necessary to help ensure we remain financially viable. 


You will vote to accept/defeat this levy at the AGM. Your Board strongly recommends its acceptance.


The information sent out regarding the proxy thus far has been merely a "heads up" with regard to the proxy form and general information on the various ways it may be filled out/returned.


The proper proxy form for the 2016 AGM is included in this package. You can print the proxy, sign it, scan it back in and send it as an attachment to an email if you wish; or, you can fax the completed form back to the Club; or you can mail it back; or you can go to the web site and, using a pw/key you will be provided, you can fill it out on line at the web site and register it there.


Any completed proxy forms will need to be received by the Club by 11:59 pm of Friday, Nov 25th to be used for the AGM. The Secretary will gather together all completed proxies and have them available at the AGM for use there...she will ensure that any members in attendance who have been named on the proxy forms will have a copy (if they don't already have one) of the proxies assigned to them.


Finally: The LGCC is your Club. Revenue exceeds expenses for only 5 months of the year...May through September. That means that we need to have sufficient funds to "last" through the winter until golfing season is with us again. It really helps the Club if we can get 2017 memberships paid before the end of the year. To give you an incentive to do this, the Board has agreed to give 2 green fee vouchers to every adult member who pays their 2017 membership before December 31/16. BUT...besides any is good for your Club.


If you look at the bottom of page 2 of the Membership fees document, you will note that there is an incentive for existing members to get new members (who were not members in 2016) to join...and an incentive for new members who join as well. 


We need your attendance at the is your Club...come out and join in the discussion...and exercise your vote.




Bill Dopson

(for the Board)

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