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TWAIN device support:Autodesk will now support a new set of Windows drivers for TWAIN devices. This provides a better Windows experience for designers who use TWAIN devices (such as scanners and photo and graphic printers). These drivers allow you to seamlessly import drawings into AutoCAD from a TWAIN device, and then efficiently export and use the drawing as an image file or print it to a local printer.Symbol Table:The new Symbol Table allows you to organize your symbols by layer in the drawing, so they don’t become jumbled in the drawing’s drawing sheet. You can now use the drawing sheet to manage multiple drawings in one document. For example, if you need to use a single drawing from a drawing set, you can instead use the drawing sheet to manage multiple drawings.Organize drawing components:You can now select and organize your drawing components (graphics, layouts, styles, blocks, and so on) in a drawing sheet and reuse them across multiple drawings. Select any of your drawing components and press the Tab key. You can also use the new Organize Drawings from a Drawing Sheet feature to move or resize drawing components. This new feature makes it faster to use and modify multiple layers of your drawing’s components and sets up the drawing’s components to automatically scale and repeat on multiple layers.More powerful graphics:The new Graph Editor supports OpenType fonts, such as those in the TrueType format. This enables you to create new symbols in OpenType fonts that you use in your drawings. You can also use the new Type Manager to apply a font to any symbol in a drawing. You can use the Type Manager to manage font resources and see the result in a Symbol Table. For example, you can use the Type Manager to change the font color and size of any symbol, such as a text box.As always, you can now share and publish a drawing set (or several drawing sets), view a drawing set that has been shared or published, and download the latest version of the drawing set.Customizable perspective and camera:The new Perspective View and Camera features improve the flexibility and ease of use of your perspective and camera. You can use the Camera tool to define how the camera appears and its angle and location relative to your model, regardless of what perspective view is being used. You can also use the Camera tool 2be273e24d

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