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Lively Golf Club

Mission:  To provide a full service golf and clubhouse facility for members and guests of all ages.

Vision:  To operate a family-oriented, not-for-profit golf facility that will continue to grow through the years.

LGC is overseen by a Board of Directors and is dedicated to nourishing a quality family environment as well as a financially sound, non-profit golf course and clubhouse facility at reasonable rates.


305-A Sixth Ave.

Lively, ON P3Y 1M4


Telephone: (705) 692-5502

Press 1 for Tee Times/Pro Shop

Press 2 for Restaurant/Bar

Press 3 for Main Office/General Manager

Press 4 for Pro Shop Back Office

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

Open for the season.

Fax: (705) 692-2988

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Open for the season.


Open for the season.

Tee times: 7am - 6pm
Clubhouse opens: 6:30am



Our Team


Mark Taylor

General Manager (GM)

The GM reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for implementing their policies and direction.  They oversee all programs, services, and activities of the Club to ensure that strategic objectives and the Club's Mission, Vision, and Core Values are achieved. The GM manages daily clubhouse functions and prepares special reports as requested by the Board. They also work to ensure member and visitor satisfaction keeping the Club's quality of service top of mind.

Ian Thom

Golf Operations Manager

Reporting to the GM, this position oversees the operations of the Pro Shop, and the Club's golf events and tournaments.  The role involves coordinating all aspects of golf events to ensure that LGC delivers an unforgettable experience for our guests.  Responsibilities include supervising the Pro Shop staff, Starter roles, managing LGC golf events and outside tournament sales and bookings, and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for employees and guests.

Nathan Battigelli

The Golf Course Superintendent is a professional responsible for managing and maintaining the golf course's grounds, ensuring that it meets high standards of playability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. 


Their role encompasses a wide range of duties, including:

-Turf Management

-Irrigation and Water Management

-Pest and Disease Control

-Equipment Maintenance

-Health & Safety

Mary Ellen Parks

Office Administrator

Reporting to the GM, the Office Administrator is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the club's administrative office.  This would include tasks such as answering phones, responding to emails, managing schedules, organizing events, and maintaining records. Additionally, they are responsible for managing the club's finances, including processing payments and assisting with managing budgets. Overall, the office administrator plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of the golf club.

Board of Directors


Greg Puro

  • Presides as Chair at all meetings of the members of the Club and the Board of Directors

  • Is charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the Club

  • In the event of a tie, they, as Chair, shall have the deciding vote in all matters pertaining to the Club’s business

  • Is charged with the responsibility to preserve order at all times

  • Is charged with performing all duties incidental to the office

  • Shall be ex-officio a member of all committees

Jean Bisson

Vice-President (VP)

  • In the absence of the President or in case of their inability to act, the VP will perform all duties incidental to the office of President

  • Shall render such assistance to the President as may be required

  • Shall serve as liaison between the membership and the Staff

  • Shall oversee the LGC web site

Terry Hamilton

  • Shall ensure that the books and records of the Club are kept in accordance with accepted accounting practices

  • Shall apprise the Board on a monthly basis of the financial status of the Club, both short and long term

  • Shall present a budget to the Board prior to the annual general meeting

  • Shall be, with the President, custodian of and responsible for the safekeeping of all securities and valuable papers of the Club

  • Shall deliver to their successor all money, books, papers and other property of the Club which they may possess

  • Shall see that all accounts are paid as promptly as possible, and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board

Robert Puro

  • Shall be ex-officio clerk of the Board

  • Shall be ex-officio a member of the Membership Committee

  • Shall attend all meetings of the Board and the Club, and shall keep a proper record of all proceedings of such meetings in books kept especially for that purpose

  • Shall have at every such meeting a proper minute and record book and other necessary books in their possession related to the business to be transacted at such meetings

  • Shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board

  • Shall ensure that an alphabetical list is kept of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all persons who are members of the Club

  • Shall ensure the minutes of all meetings are recorded and distributed to the Board as soon as practicable following any such meetings

  • Shall ensure, following the approval of such minutes by the Board, or, in the case of the AGM meetings, following approval by the membership, such minutes shall be made available to the general membership


Board of Directors

Chair Persons

Mike Doniac

Course Chair

  • Responsible for course operational and maintenance work through the Course Superintendent

  • Acts as liaison between Members and Superintendent with regard to comments about the course

  • Solicits and organizes volunteer programs as related to the course

  • Organizes and coordinates the participation in any other community programs which might assist or benefit the Club

  • Participates in any course care and maintenance policies and decisions

  • Participates with the Superintendent in the development of course work planning

  • Brings such course plans to the Board for acceptance and agreement

Max Kallio

Men's Program Chair

  • Responsible for and co-ordinates all activities related to men’s program including:

    • Tournaments and Tournament dates (Men’s Open, Senior Men’s Open Men’s Club Championship)

    • Arranges prizes for Men’s Tournaments

    • Liaises with GM, Superintendent and Golf Operations Manager as necessary

    • Organizes committees to assist in all facets of these tournaments

    • Sets up the formats for the above tournaments and the weekly Men’s Night

    • Liases with Tuesday Pensioner’s Group regularly

Kim MacLennan

Ladies Program Chair

  • Responsible for and co-ordinates all activities related to Ladies’ program including:

    • Tournaments and Tournament dates (Ladies’ Open, Ladies’ Club Championship)

    • Arranges prizes for Ladies' Tournaments

    • Liaises with GM, Superintendent and Golf Operations Manager as necessary

    • Organizes committees to assist in all facets of these tournaments

    • Sets up the formats for the above tournaments and the weekly Ladies’ Day and Ladies’ Night

Adam Hayes

  • responsible for and co-ordinates all activities related to the Junior Program and Junior Tournaments including:

  • Junior Days, Junior/Parent Days, John Hause Memorial Tournament, Junior Club Championship, Junior Windup

  • Arranges and co-ordinates golf lessons for Juniors

  • Promotes and solicits support from members and others for the Junior Program

  • Co-ordinates all participation in outside Junior Tournaments

  • liaises with General Manager, Golf Coordinator and Course Superintendent as necessary

Bill Dopson

Business Development Chair

  • Responsible for being the Board’s lead on seeking opportunities to increase revenue and improve the financial viability of the Club through advertising, new services, social media etc.

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