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2024 Membership Category Description

(Taxes not included in price)


Gold   Unrestricted tee times  1900.83   Gold Spouse   1647.93

Silver Membership   

Payment of $1400 on account. Use the Account balance to pay for Green Fees, Cart Fees, Golf Shop Merchandise, Food & Beverage, etc. Get 15% off on applicable Green Fees (Prime Time, Mid-Day, Twilight & Shoulder) Tee time booking privileges of 6 (SIX DAYS). Voting Member At the end of the season. Whatever balance you have remaining you can put towards next year’s membership or receive the remaining balance in the form of a gift card. (The Gift Card will no longer get the 20% discount. The discount if only available for the season it was purchased in)


Silver Spouse



Unrestricted tee time’s weekdays only this includes statutory holidays that fall on a weekday.


Weekday Spouse


Super Senior

Unrestricted tee times for anyone 75 years of age anytime in 2024 golfing year.



(Age 19-25 $1156.75 with increase each year up to 39)

Anytime: An intermediate member must be less than 40 years of age in 2024.

This membership is $1156.75 for ages 19 to 25 and an additional increase each year from 26 up to 39 years of age.

Starts at 1156.75

Adult Student

(19-25 with student id)

Tee time booking privileges of 5 (FIVE DAYS).  must have a valid student card and be under the age of 25.


Junior (12-18)

Unrestricted tee times* - a junior member must be 12 - 18 years of age in 2024.
Children 11 & under play free if they register with the club (*restrictions may apply – i.e., can only play with adult family member)


Junior Buddy

(Join with a friend and safe) (12-18) this is the same as the Junior Membership but allows 2 Junior Memberships at a discounted rate


Junior Under 11

(Free, must golf with adult)


Cart Package

 Allows the member to use a cart as many times as they wish (only covers their half of the cart, i.e., single seat only


Spouse Cart Package


Club Storage (Bag Only) - is for a single golf bag only.    103.03

Storage with Pull Cart this allows club storage with your pull cart and or the use of the Club’s pull carts. Three-wheel storage is limited so for new storage call to confirm availability.


Electric Cart with Charging - this allows storage of an electric cart with charging facility. Availability is very limited so call to confirm availability.


Small Locker 20.07     Large Locker  33.43

Cart Trail Fee for usage of private cart on course.   425.42

Golf Canada Membership (Handicap System)   42.00

Payment Plan Administration Fee   22.12

Forms can be emailed to or  processed over the phone  by calling 

Payment arrangements available
As long  as paid in full by opening day. 
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